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Aesthetic Dental Leader Academy is the oldest, most authoritative institution in organizing demonstration courses and updating innovative techniques and products. The founder of this academy brought in 2009, 18 years of experience organizing courses in Italy and Europe and has transferred this experience during these 30 years from day to day in an ethical manner to Albanian dentists, bringing to Albania for the first time for each category of courses the experience of the world’s elite Professors in the field of Orthodontics, Implantology, Veneers, Aesthetics, Paradontology, Prosthetics, Emergency and Conscious Sedation. Today this academy, with the help of the most important world odontoiatric industries, goes to the dentist in an ethical and professional way through the most distinguished European and local Universities. The elite collaborators of this Academy are: “Aldent” University of Tirana, University of L ‘Aquila Italy, University of Cagliari Italy, Ezio Costa Academy Italy, Leone Institute of Dental Studies Italy, World Academy of Growth Factors Wagro Athens, Day Institute Greece.

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